Dedicated to the underground, the independent and the unconventional.

To passion and dedication, culture and community.

To individuals and collectives. To respect and awareness.

We absorb the past. We shape the future

We see things too bright to be seen by most

We create. We gather. We learn. We grow. We build. We think.

We can’t stop.

We won’t stop.

Proton Art

Proton Art is a not-for-profit project based in Bristol. We raise funds for charitable causes through underground events and art. Here’s what we do:

  1. EVENTS: Planning, promotion and full production of quality underground live gigs and raves. We are a network of long-serving veterans of the UK underground scene, we have the expertise, equipment, and a pretty good idea on how to put on a party. The profit from each event will go to charitable causes and/or help funding community projects, and to finance the cost of the next event. I’m writing this in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic, it’s hard to predict when and how we’ll be able to start, however, rest assured that we are staring at the red light with the right foot on the pedal.
  2. ART E-SHOP: We sell clothing and artwork prints from our website. The profit from each sale it’s split: 40% to the artist, 40% charity, 20% to Proton Art.
  3. WWW.PROTONART.ORG: this is where you can find out about events (not only ours), check our shop and find a few good reads about inspiring projects and people that might cheer you up.

If you think you can contribute to this project with your skills, get in touch here.

The aim is to create a winning situation for everyone involved: good events and good art for the community while raising money for good cause, a bit of cash for whoever will put in some work and content for you to get inspired and charged up.  You don’t need a degree in psychology to understand that whatever you’re into, be it making music, painting, juggling, putting on events, political action, throat singing or Zumba dancing, practicing and being proud of what you do makes everything better.

Be positive, happy, active and creative.

We can’t stop. We won’t stop.

Proton Art