Three tracks of PURE free-party squatjuice!! The legend Ben 9mm opens up with an acid-core banger in pure 9mm style, Nks keeps it going with some 175bpm deep pumping tribe and Rustfeeders shuts it down in doom-core style!!

New World Disorder works in conjunction with the Proton Art project. If you pay any extra on top of the minimum price we will donate the excess to Base and Roses food aid collective in Bristol. Find out more about them here!

    Exploring stream of thought, improvisation and mixed media collaboration. Producer and lyricist Medicin (Liam Chatwin) has teamed up with artist VES (Vesna Parchet) and filmmaker PowLoba (Paula Palazon) to experiment with the idea of jamming remotely utilizing a series of  different art forms.  Taking advantage of a circular, spacious recording studio built by a team … Continue reading “MEDICIN”
  • MUTONIA (pt.1)
    In the early 1990s, a disused quarry in north Italy was transformed into one of Mutoid Waste Company’s main hubs. After a number of successful legal battles against eviction, Mutonia remains firmly rooted and continues to reuse, recycle and turn things once cast out and forgotten into mind-blowing art creations. We asked some questions to a … Continue reading “MUTONIA (pt.1)”

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  • Jack Mcs - Proton Art - Underground art and events
  • Joe Fur - Proton Art - Underground art and events
  • C.J. Design - Proton Art - Underground art and events

NWD 001 by Johnny Sideways and NKS is available in digital format (WAV 24-bit 44.1kHz) at the brand new NEW WORLD DISORDER Bandcamp page

More releases with tracks by the likes of Ben 9mm, PMS23, NKS (..and more!) are on the way!!!

Keep your ears peeled!! Contact us for more info!

Here’s a teaser with some tracks by NKS (UnderKonstruction Sound System).

A brand new MUTOID WASTE CO documentary by Uli Happe

English version 10 Euro
Italian Subtitles +1 Euro



In this gloomy times there’s nothing better than some pictures from Black Star Caravan‘s latest missions to brighten up your day!

Stay Positive!